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Holidays Gift Wrapping

Wrapping inspired by the inscriptions and patterns of the Jordanian culture.

After messages of admiration of our new packaging, our Instagram survey was about whether you would like to wrap your gifts in distinctive packaging. When you said yes, we decided to give you two special designs inspired by the inscriptions and patterns of the Jordanian culture to be download and printed on your home printer or at the nearest bookstore to wrap gifts for your loved ones.

The first design replicates your favorite inscription on the bitter coffee cup crafted by our forefathers and inspired by nature around them.

Traditional Coffee Cup Inspired Wrapping Template A4
Download PDF • 2.08MB

The second design replicates our distinctive Jordanian embroidery in special designs for the Holiday Season.

Embroidery Inspired Christmas Wrapping Template
Download PDF • 2.36MB

In addition to the packaging, we have posted two other templates. One of a small bag, which can be printed, cut out, and assembled.

Bag Template
Download PDF • 3.73MB

For greeting cards and flats , we have designed a template of an envelope that you can also print and assemble.

Envelop Template
Download PDF • 3.62MB

Hope you like our designs and allow us to share the pleasure of wrapping your gifts to your loved ones this year, and always.

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