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The Traditional Coffee Cup

The cup inspiration and makings process

Many stories are related to the bitter coffee cup and people’s habits associated with it.

Our Ancestors created a beautiful colourful pattern inspired from wheat ears, colorful roses and various trees leaves, according to the land they inhabited. Then they decorated their traditional coffee cups with the pattern a very Long time ago, people of Jordan kept using this authentic cup designs until this day. It's a tradition that the person whose serving the coffee usually carries the coffee cups staked on top of each other in his right hand and the coffee pot in his left hand.

In the Jordanian culture people always serve bitter coffee using these cups at all of their celebrations and even at funerals, so you find that this little colourfull cup is related to many stories and many life events of the Jordanians.

I still remember the taste of the bitter coffee when I tasted it from these little cups for the first time in my childhood, I remember my grandmother telling me that the legend says if you drink coffee your mustache will grow, as a common saying to keep kids from drinking coffee. these cups were present too at the feast for welcoming guests. The tradition of offering coffee is as old as time, In these authentic cups served to the guests from the oldest to the youngest or from right to left with a precise amount of coffee poured into each cup.

Inspired by our memories of the small coffee cups stacked one on top of the other and with a very long and time consuming process we created this design.

It's a very unique handmade ceramic piece produced by local Jordanian craftsmen.This product has taken several hours of work. It went through many phases, starting from the stage of sketching the concept design and making the masterpiece, and then making the mother mold and copying the molds from it. Next we moved to filing the mold and waiting for it to dry, after that we polish each piece by hand. The pieces get baked into a very high temperature oven to turn into pottery. we hand-paint the pattern with thermal colors, then we glaze the products twice to ensure the highest quality; Finally packaging stage and adding the story that the products carries, to incorporate with your daily life.

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